Motherkart Pure Bajra (Pearl Millet) Atta 1 Kg (500gmX2) - weight management & anti diabetes superfood

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Motherkart is about a Mother's quest for natural, indigenous and nutritious food for her children. Our mission is to make India's many Superfoods a part of our daily diet by making then accessible and popular.

Motherkart chooses the best and tastiest Bajra from Rajasthan, and gets it cleaned in the villages in the traditional way, and then milled and packed in a hygienic and convenient pack for you. Bajra Flour can be used for making Rotis/ Parathas, just like wheat. You can also mix it with your regular wheat flour to make it healthier. You can also use it to make traditional dishes like Tikda, or for snacks like Bajra Mathri, Bajra Rotla, etc

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