Spices to Keep You Cool during summer

Spices to Keep You Cool during summer

Rising temperatures and heat waves lead to heat strokes, acne, rashes, and some other summer problems. So, make sure to include these spices in your diet to keep your body cool.

Coriander (Dhania seeds)

As per the Ayurveda, Coriander is one of the most cooling spices. It helps your body to get rid of the excess heat and toxins while soothing the digestive system and fighting inflammation. This happens because coriander has diaphoretic properties, which lead to perspiration and reduce the inner body temperature. Both the coriander seeds and fresh coriander leaves are a part of the many Indian dishes.

Cardamom (Ilaichi)

Cardamom has some active compounds which can get rid of the unwanted chemicals and toxins from the body. This also helps in cooling down the body heat within just a few minutes. Cardamom also helps with heartburn and digestion and fights nausea, which again leads your body to relax and calm down.

Cumin (Jeera)

Cumin is a kitchen ingredient which is common in Indian households. It not only has detoxifying properties but can also deal with bloating and gas problems. Cumin helps to make you feel lighter and refreshes your body at the time of the hot summer days. You can drink a glass of cumin water every morning or may even add cumin to your cooked meals.

Fenugreek (Methi)

Fenugreek or Methi seeds are traditionally known for the anti diabetes properties. But they are also great for summer. They act as a coolant lowering your body temperature, and help with rashes, diarrhea, etc brought on by heat.  Best way to consume them is to soak them in water overnight and drink the water in the morning.


Ginger is great for summer. This spice can help to combat oxidative stress, which occurs due to the high environmental temperature increase. Ginger contains oils that improve the antioxidant status as well as help in reducing the body temperature.

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