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Only Honey. No Sugar

100% Pure Honey from Natural hives on Jamun & Mango Trees on our own Land!

Does not Crystallize!

Taste the Purity!

(Very small stock available)

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Low GI foods for Sugar Watchers

High Fiber + High Nutrition, Low in sugar + carbs, healp control diabetes, weight and cholesterol

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Fresh & Healthy Flours

Milled on order - Absolutely Fresh Flours, Made from best grains only!

Healthy Breakfast & Snacks!

The Healthiest Breakfast Options - Porridge (Daliya) & Poha (Flakes), that too of Ragi, Barley, Red Rice & more
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  • Motherkart Barley Atta

    Motherkart Jau Atta is top product, especially useful for Diabetics due to its low Glycemic Index. Its also the Amazon's choice Atta despite all the competition

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  • Motherkart Bajra Atta

    Mk bajra Atta is a super healthy option for making roti, Paratha, etc or mixing it with wheat atta to make it a healthier.
    Motherkart Bajra atta is also the Amazon's Choice for Bajra Atta!

    Buy Motherkart Bajra Atta 
  • Motherkart Ragi Whole Grain

    Motherkart Ragi (Finger Millet whole grain ) is sourced from the Himalyan terai, and cleaned & sorted to make it ready to use. It is also the Amazon's Choice product for its category.

    Buy Motherkart Ragi Whole Grain