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Motherkart Jowar Atta Sorghum Flour (500g X2)

Motherkart Jowar Atta Sorghum Flour (500g X2)

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Motherkart chooses the finest Jowar from the Kolhapur belt in Maharashtra, and gets it milled the old school way. Harvested, winnowed and sorted by the local farmers, it is 100% natural  and super healthy. Rich in-
•Iron- 17% of daily recommended value
•Magnesium- 31% of daily recommended value
• Phosphorus- 40% of daily recommended value  
(per medium sized serving)

Its high fiber content and cooling tendency, keeps  your digestive system relaxed and healthy.
Mixed with ghee, brown sugar or jaggery and rolled into laddus, these are the ultimate Indian comfort food. 


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